Sovereign International

Sovereign International is the grouting group's head quarters in North America.

This facility is responsible for manufacturing our proprietary Liquid Waterproofing grouts plus the coordination of all Mining and Civil sealing activities throughout the US.

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Sovereign Hydroseal - (Perth, Western Australia)

Sovereign is a leading Specialised Mining Services company based in Western Australia - producing and applying their unique and patented polymer grouts.

They manufacture grout materials and design site specific water sealing and grouting programs. These designs include shaft sealing, back wall sealing, grout curtains, grout membranes and water plugs. Sovereign's grout consultants are experienced with a can - do attitude and always deliver excellent results - be it pre-grouting, post-grouting, remedial or reactive grouting.

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Sovereign Water Control
(Perth, Western Australia)

This business unit is responsible for the groups grout research and development. The grout laboratory and workshop is constantly pursuing new and innovative grout ideas, whether it is product development or the design of new grouting practises.

These new techniques are then tested and introduced with suitable Safe Work Instructions followed with the training of the grout crews. Sovereign Water Control also performs remedial waterproofing and crack injection on Civil Construction sites.

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Sovereign Jeda JV (Singapore)

Sovereign Jeda JV is the Operational Head Quarters for the Sovereign Grout Group in Asia.

This venture saw a Singapore specialist Construction Company, Jeda Pte Ltd and Sovereign Hydroseal (Australia) join forces providing specialist grouting services under the watchful eye of Mr. JD Park, a seasoned construction expert. Sovereign Jeda has successfully completed large infrastructure projects for the Land and Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Power Assets (SP) and PUB, Singapore’s national water agency.

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Sovereign's Drilling and Grouting services are available in Australia, Singapore, Canada and the USA. All grouting research and grout manufacturing is done in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Grout designs for grout curtains and prophylactic in-situ sealing programmes are constantly developed with international key partners – all with many years of grouting experience in sealing unwanted groundwater in mines and tunnels.

Contact Sovereign for the following Specialized Mining Services: Drilling and Grouting Services, Pressure Grouting, Liquid Water Proofing services, Cementation Grouting, Polymer Grouting, Rock consolidation, Pre-Grouting, Reactive Grouting, Remedial Grouting, Curtain Grouting, Water Sealing, Water Control, In-Shaft Grouting, Tunnel grouting, Permeation Grouting.